The Music Development Program

The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program offers the most comprehensive evaluation available to our students. At each of the twelve graded levels, the student is required to learn appropriate repertoire, technique, aural skills, sight reading, and general music knowledge. The assessments are done by a highly trained professional and conform to the standards of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.

There are no age restrictions on this program. Most students can begin after only a year or two of lessons. The earliest levels consist of pieces from the most popular lesson books. As students advance, they move through a progressive investigation of the most important music for their instrument. Technical skills are selected according to the demands of the music at that level.

At the middle intermediate level, students are required to take written theory tests to demonstrate an understanding of how music is put together. This knowledge is extremely helpful in learning new music more quickly. It also opens the door to improvisation, composition, learning a new instrument, and simply enjoying a broad diversity of musical styles whether as performer or audience.

The reasonable progression of this program allows every student to see progress and to be appropriately challenged. The upper levels reach into college material providing a good bridge for those students interested in going on in their studies.

In Eau Claire, assessments are held annually in May. More information is available on the official web site or by contacting Rebecca Wilkinson.