We put on recitals in December and April. All students who have not yet graduated from high school are expected to perform at these. In addition to their solos, students may participate in duets or other ensembles. Fun music, student compositions, and even movie themes and pop tunes are welcome!

Other performances:

Playing for church services offers not only a chance to perform but also the experience of using music in a practical way. Students get to contribute to their own community. Schools, talent shows, and clubs (e.g. 4-H) are other good venues for performance. Don’t forget about the Ragtime Recital in January! It is always the Thursday evening prior to the annual Eau Claire Ragtime Festival.

Contests and Evaluations:

Contests, festivals, and evaluations are a great way to be challenged. Each offers a different set of requirements and provides an opportunity to experience success and to measure growth. Check out these programs and let your teacher know if you are interested.

  • Federation Junior Festival
    This festival occurs in February. Students prepare two pieces to play for a judge. All students receive a certificate that day and points are accumulated toward earning trophies.
  • WMTA Auditions and Badger Competition
    This event takes place in March. Students enter 2-3 pieces and take a written theory test. Points are earned to get plaques. Most students can earn a plaque within two years. Students who participate in the “State Track” and receive enough points can play for the Badger Competition in May.
  • The Music Development Program
    This is a full curriculum of music instruction ensuring the student maintains a balanced approach to the study of the instrument. Students perform ear tests, sight-reading tests, and technical skills. Etudes and pieces are chosen from a graded list. The examination is taken in May and serves to assess the year’s work.
  • Solo & Ensemble
    This festival sponsored by the Wisconsin School Music Association is available to students in grades 7-12. Students must be enrolled in band, orchestra, or choir at their school. There are three levels of music and many, many categories of entries. All pieces must be chosen from the official list. Students in the highest level (Class A) may go on to the state festival in May if they receive a 1*.

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