Western Wisconsin Chamber Music

Winter 2016 Group1


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What is chamber music?

Chamber music is music for small ensembles (usually no more than nine players) with one person to each part. It is played without a conductor. Players must learn how to communicate with each other and listen to each other. They have to know which part is most important and how to bring it out. The accompaniment parts learn to add nuances to support the melody. Careful attention is given to matching intonation, adjusting for harmonies, and blending tone qualities.

Our ensembles will have 2-6 players. Each will be coached by a faculty member and will perform in the end-of-session concert.

Winter 2016 flyer group1

Attendance Policy

An unexcused absence is grounds for dismissal without refund. No more than two
excused absences are allowed per session. Non-emergency absences need to be
approved prior to the registration deadline.

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